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October 31, 2022


Your final chance to prepare your yard for the upcoming growth season while also safeguarding it from winter damage is during fall landscaping tasks. To get your landscape ready for the off-season, gather your tools, don your gloves, and follow these instructions. For more Information about our Fall Services contact us for a consultation.

  • Mowing the lawn. Give your lawn a good grooming before it becomes completely blanketed in winter snow for weeks at a time. Rake leaves and other debris away. On the bare areas, scatter some grass seed. After lightly compacting the seeds, properly water them, and then water them every other day for two weeks.

  •  Plant New Shrubs. The optimum time to plant trees and shrubs is in the fall since the soil is still warm enough to encourage root growth while the temperature is still chilly. Newly planted trees and shrubs should be regularly watered until the ground freezes so they get a good start before going dormant during winter.

  • For a strong spring start fertilize right away. Fall is the best time to fertilize if you want your lawn to be green and largely weed-free in the spring. Use a spreader to evenly distribute a coating of winterizing fertilizer over the entire lawn. This fertilizer will feed the grass all winter long.

  • Mow short. Continue mowing your lawn as long as it is expanding throughout the fall to maintain the grass strong, healthy, and well-fed as it prepares for winter weather. Trim the turf to around 1.5 inches when it's time to mow it one last time. Short grass is less likely to mat, making it more resistant to disease and ice and snow damage.

  • Store summer furniture and Equipment. In the winter, it's preferable to keep outside patio furniture inside a garage or shed. Extremes in precipitation and temperature are hard on metal, wicker, patio umbrellas, and fabric seat cushions. Gardening tools should be cleaned before being put back into storage so they are prepared for spring. After the final cut, drain the oil and gas from the lawnmowers, trimmers, and leaf blowers.

If your looking to revamp your landscape in come spring time, contact our team at Hubley Landscaping.

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